A little background about me…

I have been a certified Physician Assistant since 2000. I also completed a Surgical Residency program and continued to work in surgery for 2 years after. I then went into private medical practice.

After I had my children, I decided to go back to my true passion- fitness. I became a certified Personal Trainer. I also became a certified Weight Management Specialist and Yoga and Pilates Specialist. Due to my medical background I am very familiar with how the body works and how to correct and prevent injury.

Everyone has unique training needs

My clients are considered fitness patients. Each one is treated differently according to their needs. I obtain a full medical history and truly get to know my clients fully. My method of training is unique. I believe in using body weight as the main focus as well as multi-purpose resistance bands. Each workout is different. I am constantly changing and adding new exercises.

This is my passion

I love what I do and I love to put smiles of success on my client’s faces. There is no better feeling than watching a person transform for the better inside and out.

Are you interested in a personal training session?

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