Signature Soul Line

We are written from the inside out. Our soul is weightless, yet, it bears the heaviest task. It describes who we are and identifies our spirit. It is our soul signature; and each one of ours is unique and special.

Arago Rose Line

The word ARAGO signifies the power of bold completeness. The rose signifies the exquisiteness of mysterious beauty. The “ink droplet of tear” symbolizes that there is always that drop of hope. The undefeatable can be defeated, and from every watered tear, an exquisite rose of beauty is born.

Chakra Ink Line

Our chakra ink line defines your spirituality. Each chakra has its own distinct meaning. Identity your chakra. Define your soul.

Manuscription Line

Evolution of Man. Written mark of nobility and valor.

Lock Of Love Line

Signifies the universal key to unlock the love in our hearts. Whether it be the love between partners, parent to child, or friendship – the love is always accessible with their key.

Medical Revolution Line

Our medical tattoo stand for the birth of the medical revolution. The wings signify our ability to soar in the sky of good health. The intertwined jump rope symbolizes the need for fitness to get us there. With a health lifestyle prescription, we will gain the protection and lifted flight of a life worth living.

All of the Signature Soul, Arago Rose, Chakra Ink, and Manuskription artwork can be printed in any of the colors below.

Chakra Ink Line

Pure Authenticity

The simplest form of spirituality. Genuine goodness. Inherently positive perfection, in it’s softest truthful form. (White)

Rooted Strength

Grounded by your inability to give up. You fight for your independent self and belief system. (Red – Sacral Chakra)

Liquid Compassion

Deep connection to passion and pleasure. Your emotions enable you to help others through your warmth and kindness. (Orange)

Glowing Embers

Fierce leader of confidence and self- worth. You alone are the flame that ignites self-esteem within yourself and others. (Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra)

Zephyr Of Love

Incapable of hurtful ways. Finds the good in all people and loves to love. (Heart Chakra – Green)

Voice Of Balance

Possessing the equilibrium to communication. Yin to yang of self-expression and truth. (Throat Chakra – Blue)

Tertiary Vision

Holding the gift of intuition and imaginative wisdom. The ability to focus and visualize life at large. (Indigo)

Golden Crest

Pure beauty and the crown spirituality of bliss. Being able to rise above negativity and strive for happiness. (Crown Chakra – Violet)

Lucre Of Wisdom

The wealth of endless triumph. The negativity of others can never break the strength of gold. Gold is forever prosperous because it is indestructible and will never lose it’s value. be GOLD, be victorious, and never let anyone make you feel any less. (Gold)